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"Lawyers reported that over half of the divorces they handled were due to one of the spouse's excessive viewing of online pornography."

Fueled by the rise of the Web, online sex addictions have exploded onto the scene. As the convenience of pornographic images increases a growing number of consumers are discovering a safe, concealed world where they can access explicit content any hour of the day. This pattern of behavior can quickly form into an addiction. Have you or has someone you love crossed the line from consumer to reeling out of control? What can you do about an Internet porn addiction and what are the treatment outcomes? Read on to discover current thought on pornography addiction and treatment.

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Treating an Addiction to Internet Pornography

We would like to share with you an easy to read eBook on breaking porn addiction written by Frankie Orlando, a psychology graduate of Virginia Polytechnic and State University. Treating an Addiction to Internet Pornography: A Guide for Single People, Married People, and their Spouses serves not only as a great introduction to online sexual addictions but also explains how to design a simple to follow action plan that can help you change your lifestyle.

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